Services we offer:

  • Conceptual studies and Management
  • Facility Design & Licensing Process
  • Staff training program for ICD -10 & CPT-4
  • Financial Management&  Profit Planning
  • IT & Communications
  • Project Administration
  • Procurement, Logistics and Installation
  • Medicines and IT equipments
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Works
  • Marketing Management & Advertising
  • Event Management

Conceptual studies & Management consultancy

  • All phases of architectural design for a complete building e.g. Schematic design development, construction drawings and specifications etc.
  • Involves evaluation of the health-care needs of the populace with respect to major health-care problems
  • Provides essential design information to the architects and equipment planners
  • Outcome covers the nature, volume and character of all services provided by the project, together with operational definitions for the functional units individually and their inter-relationships
  • Assistance in evaluating competed projects, reviewing and revising plans as result of changing circumstances etc.
  • Health impact assessments examine the efficiency of implementation of programme  Projects, providing insight to decision makers about trade-offs to choose between options

Facility Design & Licensing process

  • The ideas generated at the conceptual study stage are translated into layouts in line with functional and spatial programme.
  • Choice of various categories of equipment (i.e) clinical services in various specialities, clinical support services (e.g.) Laboratories, blood bank etc. and room have important bearing on all aspects of engineering design.
  • LBJ provides overall co-ordination assistance amongst the engineering disciplines, as also equipment selection and other issues related to hospital technology to achieve the project objectives.
  • Interiors and fit outs form an integral part of the services offered by LBJ whereby we take up turnkey jobs for interiors and fit-outs for our clients.
  • Operator training forms part of total package ensuring the operators acquire reasonable operating skills to perform routine tasks and preventive maintenance
  • Providing services to obtain the necessary approvals and licenses to open new entities and supporting the expansion plan also.
  • We manage all related activities including government / administrative permissions / approvals, clearance certificates etc. besides designs, drawings, fabrication etc.

Procurement, Logistics and Installation

  • LBJ organizes the procurement of drugs and pharmaceuticals including formulation of specifications, tendering, order placement, expediting and follow-ups, inspection and dispatch.
  • An extensive database of hospital / medical equipment, built-up over the period, enables the company to provide relevant information on price / quality analysis, facilitating competitive procurement.
  • Operational efficiency at hospitals is increasingly becoming dependent on degree of automation
  • LBJ incorporates the desired level of automation right from patient registration, diagnosis and treatment records, inter-departmental data transfer, LAN to patient invoicing.
  • Laboratory, Kitchen & Laundry, vans, ambulances, furniture and fixtures etc. are also being procured in conformity with specifications, approved by the client.
  • IT consideration enables incorporation of state –of the – art features into the system
  • All equipment / medical goods to be procured from various suppliers / vendors/ manufactures are inspected for completeness, conformity to specification, operation and quality.
  • LBJ ensures that installation is professionally carried out by the respective vendors under its close supervision
  • All equipments are functionally tested to guaranteed operation as per approved specifications. Handling over is carried out after successful testing and commissioning.

Financial Management & Profit Planning

  • Feasibility studies: A micro level evaluation of needs and demands enables accurate planning for the proposed profits. Feasibility studies set condition for success of the projects and provide guidelines for implementation. The outcome of thorough study is a credible financial plan for seeking project from banks/financial institutions.
  • Budget planning and allocation
  • Efficiency and cost optimization techniques
  • Accounting, Payroll and receivables process outsourcing
  • Profit maximization is offered as the proper objective of the firm.

IT & Communications

  • IT consideration enables incorporation of state –of the-art features into the system.
  • LBJ have a progressive IT house that provides diverse information technology solutions on latest technologies
  • Networking infrastructure and structure cabling
  • IP / Analog telephony solutions
  • Communication server solutions
  • Storages, Antivirus and Firewalls
  • Enterprise solutions

Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Works

    • Detailing of the design facilities its analysis from basic engineering disciplines i.e. Civil design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design etc.

Marketing Management & Advertising

  • LBJ has successfully established itself as a multi – media, multidimensional service provider. Our services are diverse and include designing & construction of exhibition stands and promotional kiosks, interiors and fit –outs, promotional gifts and media.
  • LBJ having started as an independent media marketing unit has successfully diversified into Exhibition stands design and fabrication, providing comprehensive solutions for all exhibitions stands requirements to its existing base of clients participating in exhibitions and potential exhibitors.
  • This service includes conceptualizing, designing and fabrication of exhibition stands, and other related services like creative for signage’s, audio visuals, technical support, logistics etc.
  • LBJ provides exhaustive assistance for all branding requirements which includes Designing graphics, Posters, Danglers, 3D cut outs, backlit graphics, LEDs, installation and maintenance.
  • Designing and printing of brochures, catalogues, hand –outs.
  • Corporate tie-ups
  • School health contracts

Project Administration

  • LBJ maintains a comprehensive data bank of contractors and assists clients in their selection and appointment by applying suitable pre – qualification norms that include preparation of Contract documents conforming to local / national / international acts / rules/ regulations.
  • Monitoring services, during project implementation, ensure that the project progress is in accordance with the approve plan, both in physical and financial terms. This is achieved through network techniques based on the project specific information system, quality assurance (QA) system, safety assurance (SA) system, policies and procedures.
  • LBJ supports clients in managing the project phases from conceptualization through design, Implementation and commissioning in entirety. This ensures that all activities of the project, carried out by the various agencies (each with their own specific assigned packages / tasks), are coordinated thus guaranteeing timely completion of project.
  • Problems arising during the various stage / phases of implementation can be identified and promptly addressed for timely corrective action, to avoid / control any time and / or cost over-runs.
  • Supervision also ensures the standards prescribed are being adhered during the project implementation.
  • Thorough familiarity with the contract’s content and a firm grip on its terms & conditions enables LBJ to ensure that the expectation in terms of contract stipulations, specification and schedules are met.

Event Management

  • Event management team undertake and organize international seminars, conferences, workshops and big official gatherings.
  •  Medical coding staff  training intervention program  in clinical systems can be arranged and Provide training on ICD 10 for Doctors & CPT-4 for other staff.